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Our mission is to build a bridge between employee and employer. We achieved this status by the dedicated accomplishment of a highly motivated, professional and experience team who are highly dedicated. Our past long professional experience helped us boost our confident to face any kind of challenges of this industry, we are fully aware the relationship build on trust will last long and good yield. We wish to become a part of your success other than being only a Manpower Recruiting Agent We assures you at our utmost honesty and Business Trust. The choice you make by appointing us your Manpower Recruiting Consultant would not be a disappointment to you later. we work as a family that ensures you to reach the target in time and to your utmost satisfaction. 

EAST POWER GENERAL CONTRACTING EST successfully continues its legacy as a private company that specializes in delivering first-rate products within the fields of Trading services, construction and industrial support services. Having more than four decades of experience in the industry and witnessing its rapid growth has allowed EPGC to obtain a deep-rooted market and consumer knowledge. This has positioned it to become an expert in its field, delivering world-class services all over the Middle East .

We offer a variety of flexible rental programs to meet the specific needs of your operation! Short- term rental options range from daily, weekly and monthly with a special extendable six-month program for longer applications. Our long-term rental solutions can be arranged for terms from one to six years or more if required, based on the application. Our dedicated rental team wants to meet your equipment needs. Please give us a call or go online to learn more about our rental programs

Waste disposal sites acrosspose serious risks to the environment and to public health if not managed safely. Municipal waste decomposing in open landfills also takes an environmental and socio-economic toll on neighbouring communities. While the planning to reduce the number of operational landfills and improve waste management services, persistent issues associated with unsustainable waste practices and their associated effects on the wellbeing of surrounding communities and the environment need to be addressed. We are Guaranteeing a sustainable waste management scheme for should include increased consideration of the long-term effects that waste disposal sites have on neighbouring communities.

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East Power Est. offers advanced Mechanical Engineering services to customers that help them in developing complex mechanical designs and products, significantly reduce their time-to-market and help them penetrate early and deep into the existing and emerging markets.

East Power Contracting Est.has forged a solid reputation as an leading custom metal fabricator and project management company in Middle East. Primarily serving the Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Mining industries in Industrial Support.

East Supply is currently rated as one of the most reliable suppliers in Office Supplies and we are extremely proud of the world renowned agencies we hold, listed below. Being owner managed there is a passion and energy in the business ideas instilled a high level of confidence and trust in our suppliers and customers alike.